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Pai Gow Poker Tips and Strategies

The popular Chinese game Pai Gow has been Americanized as Pai Gow Poker. This game makes use of cards using poker hand values rather than Chinese dominoes. One of the various variations of the classic poker game is Pai Gow Poker.

Pai Gow, which was introduced in the middle of the 1980s, quickly became a standard in casinos and is still popular today. There are two definitions for the term “pai gow.” It can be referring to the Chinese dominoes that are used in the classic game of pai gow.

In pai gow poker, it may also refer to a non-hand. This game could initially seem complicated and daunting, but with little practice, it might end up becoming your new favorite casino game. 

Pai gow poker is a 53-card game in which players must divide 7 cards into the greatest 5 and  2 card hands, and is considered to be one of the effective methods to extend a bankroll. More than 41% of all hands conclude in a push, so you can play for hours at a time without suffering significant losses. These probabilities naturally imply that you are able to sit for a long time without ever accumulating a chip stack.

There are countless situation-specific strategies in every card game, just like in poker, and they all call for a high level of expertise in both knowledge and experience. If you are playing pai gow poker and are dealt a pai gow, it signifies that the cards you were dealt cannot be used to form any pair of better poker hands. The next time you join a Pai Gow table, though, using this approach to the Pai Gow Poker strategy should help you have a successful and pleasurable time.

Pai Gow Poker Tips

Know when to walk away

Pai gow is no different from other casino table games in that it can go on a streak. It’s a smart idea to leave the table after three consecutive losses since the push percentage is so high (again, north of 41 percent).

Take on the role of a banker

Consider playing the banker if you have the resources. The advantage lies in the math: When top hands are identical, or when the banker wins on copies, a 5% commission is levied after losses have been offset by gains. Having said that, be aware that you are responsible for paying out any losses if your bank are participating at a table with such a large bettor.

Play the game your way

Each venue has its own guidelines for choosing specific pai gow hands. These guidelines typically call for dividing pairs without having a solid ace to add to your two-card hand. But you don’t have to do things the house way.

It’s usually a good idea to hold pairs together and place a powerful queen or king up top, specifically when the dealer has already been dealing cool cards. In a perfect world, you would win both hands and increase your chip total. In the worst case, you might lose the top but win the bottom, earning you a push.

The House Method

The set of guidelines every casino offers its dealers to follow when they set their 7 card hands is known as “The House Method.” The majority of online casinos have a House Way button so that you can instantly benefit from these regulations.

It’s crucial to realize that the House Method isn’t designed to consistently produce winners, but rather to minimize losses in order to generate long-term profits for the casino. In certain words, the Home Way is a low-risk, safe choice that is perhaps best suited for beginners.

Another crucial element is the fact that certain House Way buttons play the hand automatically after it is configured. Others deal you the hand, but they allow you the choice of playing it that way or not. Although it may not seem like much, this has an impact on your total plan.

A bonus wager

Bonus or Fortune Gaming You have the option to place an additional wager on the Bonus when playing Pai Gow. If you wager on the bonus and your 7 cards have a bonus hand, you might win up to 8000 x your wager (Straight or above).

The house edge is significant since the payments are large but well short of the odds. The low- and medium-risk gamblers won’t like this. Yet, the Bonus bet significantly increases the pleasure and thrill of Pai Gow Poker if you’re a high roller and willing to take the risk.

Pai Gow Poker Strategies

Pai Gow Poker tips and strategies

It’s standard practice to split your hand in a way that results in the strongest two-card hand. It’s a typical technique to split your hand such that you have the strongest two-card hand possible because you can’t lose any money if even one of your hands beats the dealer.

If you manage to build an extremely powerful five-card hand, such as a straight or better, that is the exception to this Pai Gow Poker strategy. In that case, your five-card hand is nearly certainly going to win, enabling you to play any two-card hand for free.

Below are the strategies for each scenarios:

If your hand only contains one pair:

  • Use the big (high) hand to play the pair.
  • Play the other two top cards you have in your low hand.

Always split two pairs if you are dealt two, especially if you have:

  • Two aces
  • Double high pairs (JJ-AA)
  • A high pair (JJ-AA) and a medium (77-TT)

You should also divide if you hold an ace:

  • Two pairs of medium (77-TT)
  • One pair each of a high (JJ-AA) and a low (22-66).

You should always divide if you hold an Ace or a King:

  • a pair of low (22-66) and a pair of medium (77-TT)
  • Two pairs of low (22-66)

You should always:

  • If you don’t have three Aces in your high hand, play three of a kind. Play a pair and Ace-high in your big hand and weak hand, respectively, if you hold three aces.
  • If you don’t additionally have two pairs, play your high hand’s straights and flushes. Next divide them into two pairs in accordance with the guidelines above.
  • If a quad is four of a type and is JJ or higher, divide it into two pairs.
  • Stack 4-of-a-kind 6s or lower cards together.
  • Only play 4-of-a-kind (77-TT) if you also hold an Ace.

If you have a Full House:

  • If you have a 2-card hand, always play the pair, and if you have a high hand, always play the 3-of-a-kind, unless you have a second pair. If so, use your low hand to play the higher of the two pairs.

If you have the Joker and five Aces:

  • Unless you have a pair of Kings, you should always split them

Pai Gow Poker Payouts

The dealer will set up their hand when every player has finished setting up their own. The victors will then be paid when they have compared their hands to those of the other players.

  • You will be rewarded 1:1 on your ante if both of your hands defeat the dealer’s two hands.
  • The bet is shifted back if you win one hand but lose the next (a tie)
  • If you and the dealer have the exact same hand, such as a pair of Kings on your top hand, the dealer will win any tie.

The majority of casinos impose a 5% fee on your earnings, which raises the house advantage. This behavior has been banned in several regions, which is much better for players and the game. The house edge is expected to be merely 1.3% if there is no commission involved.

A bonus circle that offers specific odds for top hands is a feature of several pai gow tables. Starting at 2:1 for a straight, these Pai Gow poker payouts increase from there. These payments aren’t actually odds at all. You can go anywhere from 10 to 20 minutes without landing a single bonus, even while using a joker as a wild card. 

Key Takeaways

Pai Gow Poker isn’t as popular at live casinos, presumably because it takes a while for hands to finish (and casinos don’t like that), but there are many venues online where you can play for both free and real money.

You won’t lose a lot on most sessions thanks to the minimal house edge and frequent splits. But nonetheless, like any other table game, you can experience a hot run when you least expect it. Of course, you shouldn’t expect to win a lot of money either.

Because of the engaging Pai Gow Poker strategy that may be used to reduce the house edge, Pai Gow poker is popular among players. And you may use the suggestions I made before to assist you in putting this plan into action.

Being a banker is one of the most important things you can accomplish in Pai Gow poker, in addition to using the Pai Gow Poker strategy. Be the banker whenever you have the chance, even though most casinos only let you do so once every seven hands. Just keep in mind that you’ll need a sizable bankroll to cover wagers against other players.

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