Football Betting | Play Best Online Football Betting Singapore 2023

Play Best Online Football Betting Singapore 2023

To find the best football betting Singapore site is not easy. However, placing your bet on the best online football betting Singapore is giving you the huge chance to win the big prize. When you are betting on a football league, you will need to make sure that the online casino site is trustworthy, safe, and secure. 

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Types of Football Betting in Singapore

Handicap 1X2

Also known as 3-way betting, this type of Football betting Singapore is fun and simple. This football betting is referring to backing or laying a home win, draw or away win. The 1X2 handicap is also giving you a chance to win even if you put the bet on a weaker team.

Total Goals

This variation of the total goals wager is the hardest one to get right, you have to decide the exact number of goals you expect to be scored in a game. To win this, you have to correctly predict the precise total.

Total Goals Odd/Even

Football betting odd or even goals is betting on whether the total number of goals at the end of a football match is odd or even. This type of football betting is a great tactic for new football gamblers. “Goals Odd” is when the scores of one or both teams are added together at the end of the game equal to an odd number. While the total number of goals from both teams is equal to an even number, this would be “Goals Even”.

Total Goals Over/Under

This football betting Singapore type is referring to the total number of goals that you think will be scored in a single game whether the total number of goals scored in a match will be higher or lower than the goal total specified in your bet.

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How We Choose the Football Betting Online Casino for Real Money? 

  1. Banking method – Having so many great and secure banking options is very helpful for you because you can choose your most preferred and trusted banking method.
  2. Customer support – Having customer support to help you solve all issues and answer all your queries 24/7 is the most important factor when you choose an online casino to place your bets.
  3. Reading Reviews – When it comes to real money betting, there are always a ton of customer reviews to give yourself a better understanding of the pros and cons of each online casino you are considering using.

How To Play Online Football Betting?

Game Rules

There are a few Football rules that you should know before starting football betting

  1. Extra Time and Penalty Shootouts – All football betting is based on the extra time and penalty shootout results. 
  2. Outright betting – it involves the selection of the winner in the league either from the onset or at any stage of the event, prior to the end of the competition where results are still undecided. No refund for outright betting.
  3. Dead Heat rules – when at least two competitors are declared the winner. The number of payments will be proceeding after clear winners are settled.
  4. Goal scorer rules – This bet is only accepted on 90 minutes of play only. Own goals do not count in these bets.
  5. Transfer special – a list of potential clubs at its discretion will be selected. Should the player move to a club, not on this list, all bets will stand. Extra clubs can be added at customers’ request.
  6. Corner Betting – Corners awarded but not taken will not count for settling purposes. Corners awarded in Extra Time do not count in these bets.

Betting Tips

  1. Full-time result (WLD) which is wagered on the match outcome or 90 minutes score. It’s popular among pundits because it’s easy to understand – you’re only deciding whether it’ll be a win for one time, a win for the other team, or a draw.
  2. Both teams to score (BTTS) as it’s relatively low-risk, and the first or last goalscorer gives you the opportunity to name a specific player who’ll score a goal at a particular point in the match. 
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Betting Odds and House Edge

Sports betting doesn’t have a traditional house advantage. Nevertheless, it does feature a house edge in some manner.

Betting Strategies

  1. Follow expert football predictions – this is the easiest football betting strategy to implement!
  2. Keep a record – The record from the last event is important, this is because you can use the data to analyse the game as well as analyse your betting styles.
  3. Know more about football – to know football inside out, knowing every detail about the game, the team will help you to predict the game precisely.


  1. What is online Football Betting?
    • It is the activity of predicting the outcome of a match, then placing bets accordingly.
  2. What does +500 mean in football betting?
    • It is a way to represent the odds of a bet which means for every 100 you bet you win 500.
  3. What does a +7 spread mean?
    • It means the underdog is getting seven points, noted as +7 on the odds.
  4. What is the best football betting casino in Singapore? 
  5. What does 1.5 mean in football betting?
    • One of the most common numbers in sports betting is 1.5. It will have either a + or – in front of it in most cases. This means as the point spreads. The team with -1.5 is the favourite, while the team that is +1.5 is the underdog. In this particular spread, the two teams are pretty close.

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