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Play Best Online Pai Gow Singapore 2023

Pai Gow is a Chinese gambling game played with a set of 32 Chinese dominoes. Online Pai Gow is another version of Poker that is friendly and sociable. Hence, it makes Pai Gow Poker become one of the popular games in online casinos in Singapore.

Online Pai Gow poker is played using a standard deck of 52 cards, with an extra joker, 6 players, and 1 dealer, both the player and the dealer will get five cards which need to create two hands (one of three cards and the other of two cards). Winning requires both hands to be superior to those of the dealer. Pai gow poker is an entertaining online casino game that is available in online casinos in Singapore.

Online Pai Gow Singapore

How We Choose the Pai Gow Online Casino for Real Money? 

If you are still asking this question to yourself, here we are! Below are the factors that you should look out for when you are searching for the best online casino to play online pai gow poker for money:

  • Device Optimization – in the present world, you can access the online casino via your mobile device. Pai Gow poker which is running perfectly on mobile devices should be considered a must! So you can play casino pai gow anytime and anywhere.
  • Security and Safety – Trustworthiness and reliability online casino are where you should place your bet on the Pai Gow casino game. The trusted online casino in Singapore will always keep your personal information protected.
  • Bonus and promotion – Online casino Singapore without any bonus and promotion is a NO NO NO. Free money and free credit will help you to minimize your spending while playing Pai Gow.
Online Pai Gow S1bet

How to Play Pai Gow?

Pai gow poker is less intense than other versions of poker, it is about joy when you are playing it. Hence, you will learn how to play pai gow poker in no time by reading the information below:

Game Rules 

  • After all, players receive 7 cards face down from the 53-card deck.
  • The dealer will deal out all 7 cards to each of the places. The four remaining cards are left face down as a muck pile. 
  • Once the dealer picks up any unused hands each player can then set their two Pai Gow hands.

Pai Gow Hand Rankings

Pai Gow Poker has the same hand rankings as most of the other poker versions. The main difference is the joker in the deck. In Pai Gow Poker, the joker is treated as an ace unless it can be used to complete a flush or straight. The hand rankings are identical to that of Texas Hold’em except for the two following rules.

  • Five aces, which can be achieved with the joker, beats a royal flush and is the best hand in Pai Gow Poker.
  • A wheel straight is the second-best straight at most casinos, only behind a Broadway straight.

Pai Gow Odds and House Edge

  • The house edge in Pau Gow is pretty low, to begin with, which is around 2.8%
  • The odds of winning depend on the random distribution of cards and how well they’re arranged.

Pai Gow Strategies

Pai Gow’s online strategy is quite straightforward and easy to follow. It all lies in how to separate cards properly and set winning hands.

  • If you have no combination – leave the highest card on the upper hand, and the next two on the lower hand.
  • If you have three of a kind – leave a three at the top, and two high cards on the bottom hand, with the exception of three aces.
  • If you have four of a kind: four of a kind from two to six – do not divide; from seven to ten – divide if there is no King or higher; from Jack to King – split if there is no ace or higher; the ace of four – split if there is no other pair
  • If you have one pair – leave a pair on the big hand and two of the highest remaining cards – in the small one.
  • If you have two pairs – split two pairs into one pair for each hand. An exception is set only for pairs with jacks or tens 
  • If you have two pairs of ace or king – – don’t separate them for your low hand.
  • If you have three pairs – place the top pair in the small hand.
  • If you have a full house – three of a kind should remain in the big hand and a pair goes for the low hand.
  • If you have five aces – split them into three a kind 
  • If you have five aces that are accompanied by a pair of Kings – stick them together in your big hand.
Online Pai Gow

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. What is online Pai Gow?
    • Pai Gow is an ancient Chinese game that is played with Chinese dominoes, while Online Pai Gow is another version of Poker that is played with cards.
  2. Can I play Pai Gow online?
    • Yes, you can play Pai Gow online both for free and for real money.
  3. What’s the best hand in Pai Gow?
    • The best hand is the five-card hand which is formed from the seven cards that should rank equal to or higher than the two-card low hand.
  4. What is the best online Pai Gow casino in Singapore? 
    • The best online Pai Gow casino in Singapore is S1bet. With its wide range of games, excellent customer service, and attractive bonuses, S1bet offers an exceptional gaming experience for Pai Gow enthusiasts. Start playing and enjoy the excitement today!
  5. What is a low hand in Pai Gow?
    • The low hand is the two-card hand that is formed from the seven cards that should rank equal to or lower than the five-card high hand.

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