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King855 Casino Singapore Reviews

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King855 Overview

King855 is one of the leading online betting websites in Singapore. This online gambling site, which was launched in 2019, offers a vast collection of games. This is where you may find these 400 various game types.

Certain sporting events, like those featuring the Premier League and UFC, involved sports betting. Then, for people who want to play slots more casually than as a pastime, there are slot machines available. Its live casino capabilities are the final game that we must highlight to you. 

The King855 slot machine games are accessible on iPads, Android, Mac, and PC desktop computers. King855, which was developed by the online casino gaming section for the iPad. Users can download mobile apps for their Android or iOS devices or play an unlimited number of game options, such as slots, on a computer, a mobile browser, or a mobile device.

King855 casino Singapore offers players an excellent experience with its spectacular moving images, sounds, and User experience. Players can enjoy the most recent games at any moment with full HD clarity.

King855 casino Singapore also offers a tonne of features, such as trial free-play software and tools for learning how to wager. You may sign in to the online gambling sites while you’re on the go if you use the mobile gaming version.

Check out the free applications that may be downloaded later for lots of chances to have fun, keep yourself entertained at home, or win big. Players can explore the real-time video games on King855 and enjoy recreational play by utilizing virtual chips.

Features of King855

Software Provider – Playtech

Playtech is the software provider used by King855 casino Singapore. They were established in 1999 and are a sizable gaming software development firm. They have been creating games since then and working in the gaming sector.

As everyone in the business is aware, one of the most crucial characteristics for keeping players engaged and eager to keep playing the game is the interaction between the game and them. If not, it will be quite simple to convince the players to switch to another participant in the market.

Hence, King855 casino Singapore has a gigantic like this in the background. Games are naturally quite interactive, so it makes sense.

Support on mobile applications

The website’s mobile compatibility is the next fantastic feature of King855 casino Singapore. Therefore, the website is easily adaptable to be played both on your Desktop and on your mobile device. It is unfortunate that so many individuals in the market have forgotten about this facet of the gambling industry.

This is due to the fact that a lot of gamers today are active and simply cannot find the time to play games every day while seated in front of a computer. As opposed to being forced to enjoy the game in front of their laptops, this is far more accommodating for players today.

Customer support

The final feature is customer support. Furthermore, the website is able to quickly and easily address all client inquiries. Underneath their platform is a hybrid customer support staff at King855. The crew is made up of people in the daytime and an AI at night.

This company is one of the few on the market that offers this feature, in our experience. The main cause is that many websites that provide gambling simply assume that everything will go according to plan. As a result, nobody is prepared to handle problems when they arise.

King855 Variety of Games

There are almost 400 different games at King855 casino Singapore. More than 130 online slots, video card games, baccarat, bingo, lottery tickets, roulette, arcades, and more games are available in the library’s extensive collection of unrestricted online casino games.

3 Cards

A deck of 52 cards is used in this game, among the most played live casino games in Singapore, with a total of 7 participants. The game starts when players make their wagers on the three spots Ante, Play, and Pair Plus, or on both. Learning and getting started is easy. Before the dealer deals, the player will have to decide whether to raise or fold.

Live Sic Bo

This traditional live casino game has become famous on betting sites. It allows you to place wagers using actual dice against a live banker. In this game, you roll the dice using an electronic shaker. The live casino game’s rules are simple to learn even if you’ve never played before in Singapore.

Players wager on the outcome of the dice roll in Bo just like they do in craps, but it is considerably easier to play because there are no complicated Come Out or Point Rolls. It is simple to access a table that is divided into Little Bets and Large Bets and look at the layout before placing the wager.

The chips are placed on the desired results, whether it be a single number, a combination of all 3 dice, or a wager on whether the total count would be lesser or greater than the restrictions indicated.

Real-Time Roulette

When playing roulette, you can place bets in a variety of ways while keeping an eye on the ball to see where it lands. You can place a wager using sets of numbers, single numbers, even and odd numbers, and black or red.

The alternative is to place your chips on a range of integers between 1 and 18 or 10 and 36. You forfeit the bet if the pocket lands inside a pocket owned by the house. The original 3D Roulette, Newar Roulette, and Premium French Roulette are just a few of the many variations of this game that are available at various casinos.

This game is quite popular in almost every live casino. Furthermore, you may play this game without paying on King855 to test it out.


Of all the casino games available online, online baccarat is regarded as the most elite and exclusive. It has a solid reputation for being simple to learn and a lengthy European history. The most-played online gambling game in Singapore, Baccarat, is available on King855. You can access a number of Baccarat tables from the lobby, with bets ranging from $20 to $1000.

Real-Time Fight Bull

Live Battle Bull is a simple card game that resembles a poker variant. It is also called Bull Bull or Niu Niu. Players compete against the casino in this Singapore live gambling game using six card decks. The order in which the other cards are dealt depends on the first card the dealer draws.

The goal of this variation on the classic card game is to produce better hands, therefore a player’s chances of winning greatly depend on the size of their bull. Players can join after dealing begins to place their wagers on player 1 or other players. 

Motorcycle Monkey Slot

The idea of riding a motorcycle is inspired by real, tough, and rebellious motorcyclists; it’s a real experience that many people like. The mobile game has five reels, thirty pay lines, and three-dimensional graphics. This game was produced by the well-known gaming business LFC888.

Pros and Cons of King855

The advantage of King855

King855 casino Singapore is a reliable and secure one. As a result, the website uses SSL encryption to protect your information. Also, the website’s transactions are all secure. The withdrawal and deposit options offered by King855 are flawless and really practical.

There, you’re certain to discover your favorite payment option. Basically, King855 always puts player security first.

Also, the King855 online casino offers certain special advantages that you can use to participate in a variety of casino games on the website. The details of promotions are detailed and include explicit terms & conditions, including instructions on how to obtain the benefits.

They consist of welcome bonuses that are extremely lucrative, free spins, deposits, birthday rewards, cashback, and rebates. One of King855’s main benefits is its 100% welcome bonus, which is a great benefit for new players.

The disadvantage of King855

King855 online casino is a well-known online casino in Singapore that offers a lot of benefits to its patrons. This does not imply, however, that there are restrictions that users must adhere to in order to play and use the website.

Like the majority of casino sites, King855 casino Singapore prohibits direct communication between players. Because the social component is not guaranteed while betting online, some players find the casino less interesting.

The website’s oversimplified design prevents it from having the sophisticated feel that would make it stand out from rivals in terms of site design.

There are no FAQs available on the King855 online casino site. As a result, online casino players are unable to view commonly asked questions and their solutions. Also, the website lacks information on its perks and promotions. The bonuses and promotions it offers are not linked. Prospective new players are unable to check out the free credit or promos available.


Although King855 online casino might not be the greatest online casino in Singapore, it does a good job of catering to the interests of local players. But because King865 has something for everyone, it’s a great platform for both new and experienced gamers. Also, it provides a huge selection of games that will satisfy any gambler.

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