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Top 10 Horse Racing Sites in Singapore

Singapore is renowned throughout the world for its efficiency, ease of use, and superior ability to meet the needs of visitors. These high criteria are also met by horse racing in the City State. If horse racing fans want to visit the ultra-modern Kranji Race Track, Singapore may be the only major horse racing hub where they can expect to be pulled up from and dropped off at their hotels!

A private tour can be scheduled for a group of more than two individuals. The Singapore Turf Club is fairly rigid about attire, though. Jeans, t-shirts, shorts, and slippers are all prohibited, and indeed corduroys are not encouraged.

Finding Singapore horse racing sites can be challenging if you’re just getting started because there are so many of them. Horse racing has a long and illustrious history in Singapore, therefore betting on this activity is a terrific opportunity to participate in the community while having fun.

For Singaporean gamblers, we will rank the best horse betting sites in this article.

Singapore Horse Betting Options 

  1. MD88

MD88 contracts with Malaysia-based RCB 988 to operate its Singapore racebook for horse betting. This procedure is typical throughout Asia’s gambling industry. You can bet on horse racing and greyhounds in addition to purebred horse racing platforms from all over the world. That’s a useful tool that can assist you in determining whether the wager you’ve chosen is the best option for you.

Horse betting, either way, is also permitted on MD88, and a Win and Place wager are both offered. All of this falls under the fixed odds service. However, you won’t discover the state-licensed pari-mutuel horse betting Singapore pools here.

  1. S-onebet

At S1bet, it provides the greatest options so you may make money in addition to enjoying yourself. You can earn and experience amazing emotions with only a few clicks. Simply wager on horse races with S1bet, and we’ll never let you down.

We are pleased to provide you with the top odds, advice, and simple online betting methods. Horse Racing Betting Singapore would make you feel really happy and enthusiastic. Just give it a shot and check out our platform as we are regarded as a trustworthy location for online betting.

  1. EU9

EU9 is one of the top 10 horse racing sites in Singapore that has contracted with RCB 988 to handle their racebook. Again, a wide variety of Winning and Place wagers are available. You can bet on anything, from events in Europe and the Americas to those in the Middle East, South Africa, the Pacific, and Asian nations nearer Singapore.

You may find all the most recent non-runners on Scratched Info. On top of the racebook, bettors can switch between future races and tournaments for horse gambling in Singapore. Only fixed odds are offered, and trader prices are available up until the start of the event.

  1. Betobet

With their fixed odds betting service, which is a part of their sportsbook, Betobet caters to the major horse racing nations. Given that it offers pre-post options for the future, live horse betting in Singapore is right up there. Prior to important international sporting events like the Kentucky Derby, wagering is available.

Betobet is one of the top 10 horse racing sites and may not have had the same depth when our specialists checked it as some other online horse gambling websites Singapore has access to. The fact that Betobet’s horse racing results are displayed on specific race sites after an event is over is another appealing feature.

  1. 1XBET

In addition to accepting Singaporean horse betting customers, 1XBET sets the local currency, the dollar (SGD), as the user’s default currency whenever they browse the website. By providing markets for Top 2 and Top 3 Finish, Finishing Place, as well as a few Forecasts and Tricasts, 1XBET goes beyond merely Win Only betting. They cover more international events than their rivals when it comes to ante post-betting outside of regular racing wagers.

  1. Melbet

Melbet offers races from the Mediterranean, Middle East, and other areas to Singapore bettors. That may entail games from over 12 different nations to bet on any one day. Melbet offers a wide variety of horse betting opportunities for Singaporean gamblers.

Instead of Each Way bets, it’s Top 2 and Top 3 Finishes, however, there’s nothing stopping you from covering all your bases with these and a typical Win-only wager as well. If you want to support two or more participants in the same race, keep an eye out for Forecasting and Tricasts. Melbet is another top 10 horse racing site that you may refer to.

  1. Acebet99

Many people make the error of considering Acebet99 to be an online casino. As an alternative, it is an online gambling agent that collaborates with a number of casinos and sportsbooks to provide a distinctive gaming experience. This online betting site serves Malaysian, Singaporean, and Thai players. Acebet99 collaborates with some of the top Asian bookmakers.

Acebet99 members now have access to every team, sport, race, and event worldwide. Members can also watch live results, place bets, and check the most recent sports betting news. Among its affiliates are Maxbet, Tbsbet, Sbobet, and Cmd368.

  1. Bet888win

A reliable betting company that serves Singaporean players and Singapore horse racing sites is Bet888win. The organization offers to bet on a huge selection of online gambling games and sports, taking care of all your online gambling demands. You can wager on the numerous horse racing competitions that take place worldwide. Pick your favorite equine and catch the action live as it takes place on the track.

  1. 22bet

22bet online casino was founded in 2017 and is regarded as an innovative provider in the online gambling sector as well as the top 10 horse racing sites. Players may expect a perfect and thrilling gaming experience because it combines the pleasures of live casino and sports gambling. 22bet has swiftly risen to the top of the list of online gambling for Singaporean players thanks to its extensive selection of betting possibilities.

Their sports gambling site offers generous payouts and is expertly set up to make it simple for users to find the marketplace for their preferred sport. There is always a game to bet on because of the crowded sports betting schedule, which includes horse racing and 22bet provides a variety of incentives and promotions.

  1. Maxim88

One of the most well-liked online casinos in Southeast Asia and top 10 horse racing sites is Maxim88 Casino. Despite being just a few years old, they have already dominated the local online betting market with their extensive selection of games and several benefits.

Maxim88 has been Asia’s top online slots platform since 2006, and they consistently work to make their website better for their users. Maxim88 offers a large variety of sporting events globally, including horse racing betting, so sports betting lovers are familiar with them. Maxim88’s sportsbooks provide competitive odds and let users view real-time stats.

Types of Horse Racing Bets

There are many additional wagering options open to players. These all have fixed odds prices that traders have provided. Let’s review some of them below in more detail:


If you’re a horse betting Singapore participant who likes to keep things simple when betting, the Win only market is for you. This is a bet on your selection winning the race. Only the winner of the horse race is eligible for a payout.


Place horse betting broadens perspectives further than a win in a row. The number of participants and the type of race are two more elements that affect where an individual finishes in a race. Even in races featuring fewer than five horses, traditional place wagering is not offered.

Horse betting terms can also be lowered for non-runners. Place markets on the horse betting sites Singapore has to provide do mean payouts when picks finish second or third, despite the fact that this can make things more complicated.


The Tricast, also known as a Tierce in pool betting, entails placing bets on three or more horses to complete first, second, or third within the same race in a predetermined order. By adding additional picks, these can be inverted, boxed, or rolled, raising the unit stake correspondingly. On the Singapore horse betting pools, a Trio is referred to as any order Tricast.

Where can I see horse racing results? 

All of today’s racing results are available on A8liveTV. Additionally, you may view all of yesterday’s results as well as older results. Our results display a variety of data, such as the winning horse, trainer, jockey, distance traveled, number of competitors, obstacles, distance won or lost, and much more.

The A8LiveTv results area also provides the most recent horse racing results from Malaysia and Singapore racetracks, as well as a few Hong Kong and other international events. Additionally, you can access quick results based on the first three horses’ home and beginning price or visit each racetrack and meeting for complete results.


A lot of elements need to be taken into account while betting on horse racing, making it among the most difficult sports. The type of horses, race, jockeys, track, and other factors are important to determine the winner. Start out with simple, small wagers that you feel comfortable placing if you’re a newbie. Each wager increases one’s experience.

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