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The 918Kiss games list Malaysia

List of 918 games that every gamer should try

As a diverse and constantly evolving online casino, 918Kiss has something for everyone. Players can browse the numerous options and choose a game based on their experience, knowledge, or curiosity. Three of the most popular options for customers are listed below.

Over one million people have downloaded this online mobile platform. There are also over eighty enticing and enthralling slot games on 918KISS, with a relatively simple interface that anyone who wishes to play the games can access. Below is the 918kiss games list:


I believe most of you are familiar with Wukong. Given its popularity and growing demand, it is ranked as one of the best mobile slot games in 918KISS games lists. Initially, people played Wukong in illegal gambling dens because of its multiplayer mode, which gives players significantly more fun while all players can play together.

Nowadays, the majority of online card sharks play Wukong on their mobile phones. The pattern has altered. In this game, the Scatter can trigger payouts or incentives in the base game at any time, as well as unlock Sun Wukong’s free spins. This usually happens when three or more instances of Sun Wukong are on the horizon. Furthermore, the winning payout in the mobile version is significantly higher than in the arcade game version.

Cleopatra slot game

The 918KISS Cleopatra slot game is ideal if you are looking for a fantastic slot game with progressive jackpot invectives. It is a popular choice among Asian online casino players and one of the highest-paying 918Kiss slots available. The progressive jackpot is designed in such a way that it can be triggered at random and awarded to any lucky player. The jackpot has an interesting feature in that it does not take into account the amount of money bet or the set of combinations that appear on the pay lines.

In addition, there are other jackpots worth a thousand coins waiting to be won in this online casino slot game. This jackpot can be won at any time when online casino players land five Scarab or Cat symbols on a pay line. There are numerous other tips that can help players win this game, and the rewards are quite appealing. 918KISS Cleopatra Gold is not only designed to reward lucky players; it is also a fun online casino slot game that is suitable for the majority of casino players.

Bonus Bears

Bonus Bears was previously the most popular slot game in the 918KISS games lists. It has an excellent slot gaming interface, as well as a consistent winning payout and regular free bonus game payout. This is only one of the reasons why people enjoy playing this game. The main difference between 918KISS and Bonus Bears in Playtech is that Bonus Bears in 918KISS offer a significantly higher winning payout than is typical to attract players. That is, regardless of how much you bet, you can usually win at slot machines.


One of the most popular 918KISS games lists in 2020 is the Great Blue Slot. The slot machine has five reels and twenty-five pay lines. It is one of the most popular online casino games in Asia. Because the game is simple to grasp, anyone can play it. To play, simply place your bets by clicking “Change Coin,” activate your lines, and wager on each line to receive fantastic rewards. Your rewards are frequently determined by the number of bets you place. To begin playing, press the spin button and watch the reels spin. For gamers who lack the patience to press the spin button, an autoplay button has been designed.

Pai Gow

Another popular game among players is Pai Gow. The setup is similar to a traditional casino game, with seven cards and a single goal in mind: to generate poker hands. After just a few hands, you’ll understand why this game is so popular in Asia, and prior experience is a huge advantage.

Ocean King

I have to say that Ocean King is the easiest-to-dominate mobile slot game in 918KISS. Because of the game’s consistent winning payout, some online casino agents even prohibited players from playing it back then. Several people believe Ocean King’s payout calculations have been compromised.


This is one of the few online casino games that have an oriental gaming theme. The layout and interface are reminiscent of Chinese settings, and there are forty pay lines with red pokal symbols.

A gold frog, the Ying&Yang symbol, an elephant, a golden turtle, and a dragon are among the most important symbols. All of these symbols can be found in Chinese folklore. The golden turtle informs players about the Chinese community and generates winning opportunities.

The Ying&Yang symbol represents both good and evil. The golden frog and golden turtle indicate that there is enough gold, implying profitable rewards. The oriental setting was created to entice players while also providing a fantastic gaming experience. This is one of the best slot games in 918KISS games list.


918KISS has only a few roulette casino games, such as Roulette 12, Roulette 24, and Roulette 72. As the No.3 best mobile slot game in 918KISS, I prefer Roulette 12 to the others.


Much easier, faster to wager, and simpler to win. These 918KISS roulette casino games are planned on the back of precisely the same payout motor. To put it simply, there is no difference between playing any of these games.

However, I recently discovered that more people prefer Roulette 12 because of its simplicity in terms of the game plan. Remember that the higher the total wager in the game, the easier it is to dominate this match.

According to my personal wagering history report, Roulette 12 will generally pay out higher and more frequently than other roulette casino games in 918KISS.


Sic Bo, a dice game with multiple betting options, is the third most popular option. Depending on their budgets, players can place small or large bets on various game features. Once you get into the groove, it’s easy to see why there are so many 918Kiss fans.

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