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Singapore Sports Betting: Can Sports Betting Be A Career?

Singapore sports betting

Online casinos are particularly fond of the sports betting market. Anyone who enjoys sports, whether they are tennis, football, or swimming fans, will probably find the information they are seeking within the sports betting industry.

Sports betting has been practiced for thousands of years, albeit it used to be a little different. Sports wagering and online casinos are frequently combined. Because practically all casino operators have a space designated for sports fans.

Many sports lovers desire to get more active instead of just watching tennis, football, and other sports on TV. This is simple to perform with online betting and can be done in comfort at home. You can place a wager with a few clicks instead of leaving your home to get and complete out a betting card. Simply being a casino member will do.  

Sports betting has a long history that dates back to antiquity. Even today, many still associate the ancient Greeks with their love of sports, which may explain why so many of them are portrayed as incredibly athletic sculptures. It is believed that the first sports wagers date back to the 23rd Olympiad in 676 BC.

At that time, betting on gladiator matches was highly common, and the stake was usually placed on the best gladiator. The Olympic Games’ competitions, including chariot racing, were of course huge betting draws. On the other hand, tennis and football are the most famous betting sports today, while events like gladiator combat are no longer in style.

By this point, you have probably known of the Singapore Pools when it comes to live sports betting Singapore. Singapore sports betting is also available offline, online, and in-person through this state-run lottery. Before putting their initial wager, visitors to these pools are advised to check out all of the Singapore sports betting site providers to make sure they have explored all of their alternatives.

If you’re looking for a bookmaker that will accept bets from Singapore residents, you have a wide variety of options to select from. It is not surprising that there is now a range of live sports betting Singapore sites available given that online betting has been permitted in the Lion City since 2016. While it is difficult to find domestic bookies, many of the top overseas operators serve bettors instead.

What are the things to consider to make sports betting a career?

two men fighting for the football

If you find a way to make betting your full-time job, sports betting can become a profession. Even if only a small portion of sports bettors make money over the long haul, it is possible to do so. To start, you must adhere to the fundamentals.

  • Recognize the Idea of Value

The first step in making money with betting is to educate yourself on the notion of this industry. Without expertise, it is hard to succeed in any industry and make money. It’s essential to comprehend value when betting. This implies that you must be aware of the sum of money you are risking, the potential rewards, and the likelihood of success for each wager. You can begin a professional betting career if you have a firm grasp of the betting concept.

  • Expand Your Funds

After a set amount of time, if you can make a profit, the next stage is to progressively increase your bankroll. If you keep winning at Singapore sports betting it won’t be a one-and-done deal. It’s crucial to follow the basic rule and keep stake sizes between one and five units. You shouldn’t invest all of your funds in a matchup just because you genuinely like it. Successful gamblers avoid the pitfalls of overconfidence and methodically increase their bankrolls.

  • Experience

If you enjoy casually watching sports, then this won’t be a problem for you. Nevertheless, if you intend to begin a career in Singapore sports betting but don’t know much about what’s going on in the sports world, it will take some time for you to become familiar with the sport’s laws and how teams fare in head-to-head competitions.

A bettor cannot become an expert in a single day. It’s crucial to remember that you’ll ultimately lose, specifically during the first few months, but this shouldn’t deter you from your objective. The greatest method to become an excellent bettor is to gain experience and learn from your failures.

  • Think About Your Hourly Earnings

Thinking about your hourly rate is the ideal strategy to begin your full-time career in betting.

Ask yourself a question, what is the monthly salary you’d be happy to work for?

Divide the amount of money you decide is sufficient for you by the total number of hours you plan to work. This will determine how much money you should receive from your bets each month. When it comes to betting, defining winning and losing objectives is crucial. By doing so, you’ll set a limit on your wagers and stop playing when you’ve earned enough money.

  • The Value of Discipline

Although working hours are flexible, a proper framework built on norms is still necessary to make the system function as a whole. The most crucial factor in gambling is discipline. Setting guidelines for your betting techniques can enable you to build a more lucrative betting profession.

Big gains, for instance, may be alluring, however, they are not long-term viable. Because of this, a lot of seasoned gamblers start with little wagers that add up to a quantity sufficient for a monthly income.

  • Be persistent

Being a seasoned bettor does not require you to wager on each and every game. The ideal method to begin a betting profession is to focus on fewer sports. To put it another way, you need to focus on a particular sport, say the Premier League of football, and only wager on those games. By doing so, you’ll gain a better understanding of league events and make better wagering choices.

  • Expectations for a temper

Some professional gamblers are prone to using God Mode when it comes to their line of work. The sensation of being unbeatable. the conviction that they will ultimately prevail. A mentality that they simply cannot shed. This is just as harmful as thinking you are cursed. The human brain is wired to look for patterns whether they are present or not, and streaks do occur.

Just as losing invalidates your edge, winning does not prove that you have one. Your output is a byproduct of the EV you produce. Sometimes you merely bank EV for future manifestation, and other times you manifest more AV than EV. Avoid entering God Mode; doing so frequently leads to falls.

  • Bankroll Control

You must begin with a substantial fund that permits you to place bets on games and reach your profit targets if you want to enter into betting and generate money from this career option. Having said that, it is crucial to managing your bankroll strictly according to the guidelines. Additionally, you can establish weekly investment caps that will prevent you from depleting your cash in one day.

Possibility to make a profit from sports betting long term

choose sports betting as a career

The house is always victorious. This has been said so frequently, it has to be true, right? Actually, not quite. The phrase “the house usually wins” would be more accurate. Yes, the house (in this instance, a sports bookmaker) doesn’t always prevail. They actually frequently make mistakes, and if you’re clever, you may learn to spot when they do and profit from it! You only need to be able to use some basic arithmetic. 

Allow yourself time to engage in research and wagering. With less emphasis on the choice, you may make more informed decisions on the size of the wager. Allocating 50% of your bets to a handicapper is another crucial guideline that experienced sports bettors adhere to. This makes it possible for you to make a profit in the long term.

You’ll eventually be prepared to place live bets if you’ve mastered the principles of betting and decided on your favorite team. Don’t overspend when betting, though. Place a sizable bet. Making the appropriate choice will ensure that your career as a sports bettor is successful. You will be much more successful at sports betting if you heed the tips provided to you today.


While there are a few differences between Singapore’s gambling laws and those in other nations, this does not mean those gamers looking to place a wager do not have access to a wide range of possibilities. Many of the most popular and frequently used online bookmakers in the world now accept Singaporean consumers.

There have been many changes as a result of the internet’s introduction into our life, the majority of which are good. It also carries with it a unique set of opportunities for learning and profiting. People wager on sports all across the world for a wide range of reasons, including enjoyment and financial gain. They are seriously considering it.

Some people have made a living doing this since they receive a steady income from it. When betting, select a reliable website. It’s terrific, profitable, and full of promise.

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