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Fibonacci Betting System Explained

What is a Fibonacci Betting System? 

The Fibonacci betting system was created by Leonardo Pisano, commonly called Fibonacci, which serves as a negative-progression gambling strategy. Each time users place a losing wager, their bet ought to go up. The concept behind this was that users have a higher chance of earning bigger money on wagers compared to the likelihood of losing money.

According to the hypothesis, performing this action will increase the chances of earning prizes because successful bets are more probable to have bigger values than bad bets. Every scheme of negative progression is subject to this rule.

The Fibonacci betting system may not be the simplest, nevertheless, there are simpler ones. Start learning just some guidelines for changing your bets. Users should also be familiar with the Fibonacci sequence, a popular set of numbers with numerous applications.

Fibonacci Sequence Explained

The Fibonacci sequence seems to have been initially established in Indian math, however, it hadn’t been acknowledged by such a term at the time. Since it was incorporated into the beginning of the 13th-century publication Liber Abaci by Leonardo Pisano, it became more well-known, especially in Western societies. 

His contributions to the contemporary numbering system’s acceptance in the Latin language community are among his many other accomplishments. Leonardo also was referred to through his titles Leonardo of Pisa and Fibonacci. The Fibonacci sequence was called after him.

Gambling games as well as sports gambling both involve the use of the Fibonacci sequence as a gambling system. Nonetheless, even though users can recall this well-known formula from mathematics courses in school, it’s generally not the greatest general betting strategy for all sports wagering.

For countless generations, people have been aware of the Fibonacci Sequence method. It’s a complex aspect of creation nonetheless. The Fibonacci sequence begins with a 0, followed by a 1, where each new number is equivalent to the total of the 2 preceding numbers. This could carry on endlessly, starting with the initial 15 numbers displayed below.

0,1, 1, 2, 3, 5, 8, 13, 21, 34, 55, 89, 144, 233, 377,…

Fibonacci identified various naturalistic explanations of the number pattern, including the structure of pine trees and indeed many blooming plants. It has been extensively utilized in both art and music.

Bettors later discovered that the Fibonacci sequence may indeed be leveraged as the foundation for a betting strategy employed alongside 50:50 gambling game situations, such as roulette games. Sports gamblers finally started using it for their purposes.

people celebrate winning playing in online casino

Fibonacci vs. Reverse Fibonacci

There are two variations of the Fibonacci betting system: one is the standard Fibonacci betting system and the other is the reverse Fibonacci betting system. The reverse Fibonacci betting system variants of strategies utilize a positive progression, which indicates that boost the betting after a victory, whereas the standard variants of Fibonacci betting systems often utilize a negative progression, which indicates that boost the betting after a defeat.

The users employ the Reverse Fibonacci in the exact reverse direction from the traditional Fibonacci betting system. In the process, after a victory, they increase one degree while following a defeat, they retrace 2 stages. The goal is to capitalize on a win sequence and generate income. An illustration of the Reverse Fibonacci approach is given below:

  • Bet on 1 then win
  • Bet on 1 then win
  • Bet on 2 then win
  • Bet on 3 then lose
  • Bet on 1 then win
  • Bet on 2 then win
  • Bet on 3 then win
  • Bet on 5 then lose
  • Bet on 2 then lose
  • Bet on 1 then win

As you closely look at the statistics provided, you might already notice that the reverse Fibonacci betting system appears to not be working very well. Despite managing 7 successes and 3 losses, the player merely turned a single benefit.

Due to this, the Reverse Fibonacci betting system hasn’t been frequently employed and ranks among the less effective methods of participating in the casino games like Wheel of Fortune. To succeed, users must have a higher percentage of wins than failures, which is extremely improbable over the long run.

How to Use the Fibonacci Betting System?

At the casino, even amount wagers are typically placed using the Fibonacci approach. This is extensively employed among roulette gamblers on outer bets like even/odd, or black/red. This may be utilized for a pass or a do n’t-pass bet in the game of dice. This could also be applied for even amount bets in sports gambling as well as while enjoying baccarat or blackjack.

The Fibonacci betting strategy needs users to employ wagering pieces and have a constant size range, just like other betting methods. The Fibonacci sequence would decide how many pieces users bet when they’ve already settled on a reasonable size that they feel confident using through the long run. Whenever employing the Fibonacci betting strategy, the below requirements must be met:

  • Raise 1 number higher in the Fibonacci sequence after each unsuccessful wager. Wager the said amount of units.
  • Lower 2 numbers down the list after each successful wager. Wager the said amount of units.

Choosing your bet for every unit must be done before being able to set the system into action. Users may pick any number for this, although we advise maintaining it low compared to the whole value you ought to risk with.

  1. Begin with one wagering unit

Always place a single wagering unit for the initial stake in every round. It’s because, excluding the 0, then 1 represents the initial number throughout the Fibonacci sequence. The very first bet users should place will be $5 assuming that you opted to bet $5 for each unit.

  1. Beginning at One Unit

After a lost bet, users must calculate the necessary risk by moving on to the next number inside the pattern. In this case, users should proceed to gamble on number 1 in the Fibonacci sequence since failing the initial bet.

For the next bet, users should place a bet equal to that wagering unit. A further number inside the Fibonacci sequence would be chosen when users failed this one as well, users should bet 2 units since that is a 2.

Now considering $5 for every unit, the necessary bet has become $10, if you lose, you must follow this rule. After a lost bet, users must always proceed to the subsequent numbers in the pattern, raising their bets accordingly.

  1. After the win, moving down the sequence

After a successful bet, users shall shift 2 numbers down in the Fibonacci sequence. For instance, if users win after wagering 13 units, users would gamble only 5 units upon that subsequent bet. When users wagered 55 units and it had won, users would also have wagered 21 units the following time. This condition applies upon each win, with the two following exclusions.

  • Unless users have already moved a minimum of 2 numbers in the Fibonacci sequence before actually winning, users are required to restart over.
  • If users are on the gain side for the round, users shall begin at the start of the Fibonacci sequence.

This method can be slightly more challenging than some others due to the second outlier condition three. To determine when to stop and restart it, users must keep a record of the amount of cash they were making or losing throughout each phase of the process.

Whenever users gamble online, this is simple enough since you’re able to keep records using a computer or a notebook. But, playing at a gambling site makes it a little more challenging, so it’s important to maintain your concentration.

Key Takeaways

The total likelihood of success at the casinos is not increased by employing the Fibonacci method. This could assist you in making money quickly or for a more extended period when you’re able to prevent a protracted losing trend, yet it comes with major flaws.

This method shares the exact general issue as any other negative progression. The risks will eventually become unmanageable and you’ll probably embark on a protracted losing run. There is a potential that the bets will rise so big until users lack funds or place the highest wager permitted at the game, although if your stakes simply go forward 1 level whenever you succeed and backward two levels whenever you defeat.

It doesn’t seem as pertinent when used to sports gambling. The algorithm anticipates bets which double the funds, contrary to how the Fibonacci Betting system should assist users to restore the losses by raising the stakes. Even though chances are not always even, it’s not like all sports wagers comply with it.

The amount users earn or forfeit eventually relies on the capacity to locate meaning in wagers and make the appropriate bet selections, while this may be a useful approach for assisting people in determining the amount to wager. There are wagering strategies that are considerably more complex.

Check out S1bet online casino and read more articles on the games and methods of online casinos if you want to learn more about how much to gamble on each wager.

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