Casino Fashion: Dressing for a Night Out at the Casino

Casino Fashion: Dressing for a Night Out at the Casino

Have you ever watched any Hollywood casino movie? If yes, then there is a high probability you realized most people at the casino did dress in luxurious dresses or expensive tuxedos.

Times have changed, and dressing has become liberal in most casinos. Suppose you plan to visit a gambling club at night and do not know what to wear; there is no need to worry.

This article will help you understand the casino fashion. 

Understanding Casino Dress Codes

It is always advisable that before you go to any casino, you first find out if it does have any dress code. In most cases, the casino website will have all the information about the entertainment, rules, and winnings.

You can also call or write an email to find the appropriate dress code.

This section will take you through some common casino dress codes anyone needs to understand. 

White Tie 

 It is the highest formality level, which ceased to be popular among most casinos today. It is only important when casinos hold special events such as the high dollar benefits. 

Any man wearing a white tie must accompany it with a black fitted coat with a satin stripe and tails, shirt studs with cufflinks, white shorty with a bib front, and black oxford shoes. 

Females can accompany the white tie with white gloves and floor-length gowns and carry small purses with some dainty jewelry. 

Black Tie 

They are the next formal dress code after the white tie. Black ties are mostly reserved for events during the evening, usually after 6 pm. 

Men wearing black ties can accompany it with a dinner jacket and matching trousers, black oxford shoes with black socks, and a button white collared shirt. 

Semi Formals 

The dress code offers more options for the player’s convenience. It is a common dress code for casinos that operate during the day. In the semi-formal dress code, men can avoid wearing tuxes and less formal suits without ties.

They can also put on light-colored collared shirts. For women, they can wear cocktails or shorter dresses. They can also wear long shirts with heels, sandals and a blouse. 

Business Casuals

Business casuals are very common among most gamblers. It is an effortless yet great option to put on during your night out at the casino.

In business casuals, men wear a coat or a blazer, khakis, loafers, and polo shirts. Women will wear blouses or shirts, pants/ skirts or khakis, sandals or flats. 

Dressing for Different Casino Environments

Casinos are a place where what you wear matters a lot. You don’t just put on what you like.

There are different casino environments, each requiring a different dressing. Before you visit a casino, it is always advisable to know how the environment will be there. Here are the dressings for different casino environments.

Casual Casinos

Most casinos are always liberal on how you dress. Casual looks are the most common and provided you put on a clean look, you will always be fine. Here are important pointers you need to keep an eye on as to what you should put on:

  • Men: Slippers and shorts are good during the day. Jeans and T-shirts are also okay. All colors are acceptable as a casual casino outfit.
  •  Women:  Slippers and shorts are only acceptable during the day. Sweaters and T-shirts are also fine. Khakis, sundresses, skirts, and jeans are all casual casino outfits for women.

Smart Casual Casinos

Smart casual outfits for casinos are, in most cases, cool. With this outfit, you can assume some white-collar professional stylishness and mix it with a sports look.

  • Men: Sports coats and blazers are fine with button-down and collared shirts. Polo shirts are also fine. However, you must match them with the top you are wearing. Despite not being a necessity, business ties are still recommended.
  • Women: They can wear blouses, collared shirts, and sweaters. Sweaters and jackets are also okay. Khakis, pants, and skirts are also fine. However, stockings and hoses are not allowed here.

Formal Casinos

No casino will ever say no to a formal dress. It is one of the most elegant and distinct ways to dress when going to the casino at night. When dressing formally, you should go for good clothing pieces. 

  • Men: Light-colored button-down collar shirts and dark suits are fine, with ties always preferred. 
  • Women: Blouses, jackets, or evening blazers are fine. However, they can put a few jewelry items and casual shoes. 

Themed Casinos

Making a casino-themed dress is quite easy. All you need to do is get your black dress from your wardrobe. Getting one with silver or gold embellishment will be much better.

You can wear a floor-length skirt or dress for more glam. If not, wearing one that skims the knee will be fine. It is not a must you go black; try thinking of the deck of cards. Gold and red will be excellent options.

For men, this person who comes to mind whenever you think of a themed casino is James Bond! Ensure you dress to impress. This is not an online live casino.

You can be in your shorts from your bed. If you don’t have clothes that will fit you to perfection, consider renting one from a costume shop.

Fashion Tips for Casino Nights

Are you tired of online casinos and want a night out at a casino? There are recommendations on what fashion you will put in. When you visit a real casino, the appearance will directly impact the winnings and mood.


A real casino is where you can show off your complete look and jewelry. Men can wear fashionable watches or precious cufflinks to help emphasize their status.

Women can wear pendants, rings, or earrings. However, it would help if you did not put on too many decorations. 


Comfort should always be the priority when choosing a pair of shoes. There is no need to wear high-heeled shoes that you will not be comfortable in.

Ensure the shoes you decide to wear are of the right size and do not hinder your movement. Men should ensure the color of their shoes matches their outfit tone.

Women should ensure the shoes they wear match the formality of their outfits. 

Grooming and Personal Care

When preparing to go out to the casino, you must also consider your grooming and personal care apart from the footwear and accessories.

If this is the first time you have visited a hairdresser, then this is the right time to do so. For those with beards, ensure they are neat and well-maintained.

Women should visit their salons to ensure their hairstyle matches their appearance. 


Getting the right dress code for your night out at the casino should always be a challenging task. This article has been of great help in giving ideas on what clothes, styles, and codes you must adhere to when visiting a casino. You will make some adjustments you may not be used to. 

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