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Casino Chips Value by Color


Throughout the beginning of time, people have engaged in betting. The development of the contemporary token occurred in the Wild West in the middle of the 18th century as a result of an increase in betting and gold drillers hauling heavy loads of precious metal.

In casinos, gold has to be weighed and analyzed. The procedure took a long time and also was challenging. The first versions were constructed of ivory, stone, and mud and served the purpose of appraising the gold from the casino.

Casinos will trademark as well as individually design their unique chips to stop imitations. The majority of chip makers produce porcelain or mud chips on demand and retain the manufacturing operations a mystery. The best option is a matter of debate. Polyester is unquestionably unacceptable for a professional player.

In current casinos, clay is combined with a little more resilient materials that are compressed to create casino chips or casino tokens. To reduce the danger of fraud, the precise manufacturing method for such casino chips is kept secret and varies from each factory to another.

The largest of these producers are Matsui, Abbiati, Gaming Partners International, and GTI Gaming, who all make chips for legally operating casinos worldwide. Porcelain chips are used in several casinos. They are more difficult to imitate than bank notes because of the meticulous regulation placed on their weight, shape, form, as well as color.

Certain casinos also include tracking devices in the casino tokens, which makes it almost difficult to counterfeit those casino chips. Usually, casino chips differ in weight from 8 to 16 grams. Unless you purchase chips for personal use, the tokens are probably composed wholly of plastic or, alternatively, of plastic with an iron core.

Because all sufficiently high gambling is often secretive activity, the audience hardly ever sees token values beyond $5000 at casinos. Casinos occasionally employ square boards which are roughly able to play deck size in gaming with extremely large bets. You might find boards with values worth $25000, and bigger inside casinos wherein large gaming is permitted in open places. 

A popular way of remitting the money in casinos when enjoying gambling games like blackjack, baccarat, roulette, and so on. seems to be with chips. Regarding convenience and safety issues, casino chips, which are often round plates but can also be other shapes, replace the real money at a gaming table inside a casino.

Because of its many benefits, casino chips are now routinely used, therefore the manufacture is now becoming an integrated system. These were once exclusive to specialists, nightclubs, and gambling, but they’re now included in the whole range of games available today. 

The many casino chip varieties could generally be divided into two main categories: plastics casino chips and porcelain casino chips. Lightweight plastic casino chips often come in white, red, and blue. The weight of these casino chips is approximately two and four grams each.

Typically, porcelain and complex panels weigh between nine and thirteen grams each. But, subject to the supplier as well as the method of construction, certain products that have a metallic component inside could weigh heavier, possibly exceeding 13.5 grams.

Since they supply a superior sensory and aural impression while striking one another, heavier, more costly, and more attractive items are generally more popular. Hybrid chips come in two colors, 3 colors, and normally the more costly color combinations from one color, nearly constantly featuring a painted pattern.

The ceramic casino chip-embedded images are referred to as works of art. Prior to contraction, designs are typically created on a sheet and covered with a tiny coating of silicone until applied to the chip. By using this method, the design is securely attached to the chip and it’s unable to be taken out without damaging it. There are many other designs, however, these 3 are among the most classic example:

  • Printed-on chips with the image of the 4 sticks
  • Diamond-encrusted chips including a diamond border
  • Dice chips including a die’s opposite faces imprinted all over them

Casino Chips Color and Value

In the majority of casino games, every chip of a particular color often corresponds to an inscribed financial value. Despite the fact that there is no specific requirement regarding the casino chips’ color, the majority of casinos adhere to a standard when it relates to the hues applied to every value.

While they’re clearly for the top games as not everyone has the financial condition to fling it around, the largest possible casino chip that would typically encounter would be for $1,000. Large casinos may provide $5,000 worth of chips.

The basic requirements given to every other panel in accordance with color are displayed among these 2 groups. Just the top 5 colors are included in the first group, whereas there is a sum of 13 colors in the second. Standard casino chip colors and their values are as per below:

White chip$1
Yellow Chip$2
Red chip$5
Blue chip$10
Gray Chip$20
Green Chip$25
Orange Chip $50
Black Chip $100
Pink Chip$250
Purple Chip $500
Bordeaux chip$1000
Blue Chip Sky $2000
Brown token$5000

Colors as well as values of tournament chips might vary. This is important to remember that almost all tournament chips don’t correspond to real money rates. This is simply the totals utilized for the competition.

As the blind numbers rise, participants attempt to boost their starting balance. In order to boost movement, blind levels can be raised over the duration of a competition. Player elimination starts in this manner.

Players might well be given a new beginning chip if they rejoin an event that permits it. Lesser value chips might well have their colors removed as competitors advance through the competition. The event includes extra coloured casino chips of bigger value.

The objective would be to amass all of the active chips, so when you’ve succeeded, the game can be yours to keep. Usually, just a few colours are required for a modest tournament with fewer than 40 participants.

A game-opening initially 1,500 casino chips can have players joining with 60 massive blinds. Players will start with 25/25 Level 1 blind prior to actually moving on to 25/50 and ultimately 50/100. Of course, blind ratings can vary depending on the competition.

Below is an illustration of the amount of games players could begin according to the situation mentioned earlier.

White chip$2510
Red chip$505
Blue chip$1005
Black Chip$5001

Several considerations to make when deciding to organize a game inside the house for guests. The format of the game or the chip values for a cash match must be determined. Calculating this is a lot simpler in a money game.

Given between 6 and 8 participants, a standard $1–2 per player game will be doable. Someone may choose to set the price of white chips at $1 as well as red chips at $2. Let’s assume you’re running a $2–5 per player game at slightly higher bets and the same participant count. Using the foregoing, one can create a comparable manual.

The average purchase range for participants in a game is between 50 and 200 big blinds. If a player buys a chip for $100, they might get:

White chip$110
Red chip$54
Blue chip$101

Players might require extra chip values if they choose to boost the bets. A player that purchases for $1,000 inside a larger game, like $5-10, is entitled to the following:

Red Chip$510
Blue Chip$1010
Green Chip$2510
Black Chip$1006


The sensory element of casino chips makes them a fantastic tool for managing daily bets. Obtain chips valued at $500. Surrender once they’re lost. Most current chips are integrated with small RFID chips that are assigned uniquely identified codes, and several casinos are using electronic systems.

The majority of the ceramic used in the synthetic structure of today’s modern gambling chips is still used in their custom design.  Some casinos employ a unique substance, size, shade, and appearance, although some actually insert tracking devices to render them nearly difficult to forge, making it much harder to duplicate these casino chips.

Obviously, a growing number of players nowadays choose to gamble at online casinos at which tokens are digital. We may anticipate that gambling in the virtual world will soon be the standard as science advances and even more improvements are added to the online gambling sector, rendering the current generation of casino chips outdated. However, before that time comes, hold onto those tokens.

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