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A Beginner’s Guide on How to Play Singapore Mahjong Online


Mah-jong is a game that originated in China in the nineteenth century and expanded throughout the world in the early twentieth century.

It is typically played by four players (although there are some three-player variations in some regions of China, Japan, South Korea, and Southeast Asia), and it is played with tiles, or pais, that resemble dominoes in appearance but are emblazoned with Chinese signs and characters and partitioned into suits and honors.

In addition to being played frequently across East and Southeast Asia, the game has also gained popularity in Western nations.

Four players often participate in the game. To acquire sets of tiles is the goal of play, just like in rummy card games.

There are three different kinds of sets: chow, which is a run of three identical tiles in numerical order of the same suit; pung, which is a run of three identical tiles in the same suit and rank, such as three identical winds or three identical dragons; and kong, which is a pung plus the fourth matching tile.

Mahjong Online General Rules and How to Play

There are numerous variations of Mahjong, similar to most other traditional games, which makes it challenging for someone looking for a complete set of rules. The first set of rules shown here is based on the traditional Chinese game, which is the most straightforward and certainly the most difficult variation.

Additional guidelines for the British game are also provided. This variation differs slightly from the standard Chinese game in that only one chow is permitted per hand and there are fewer “special hands” in the Chinese game.

The Chinese game is more sophisticated and traditional, while some individuals may find the British game to be more entertaining.

Both games differ greatly from the traditional manner of play in the United States, where a large and intricate set of “special hands” have indeed been devised in addition to the original Chinese set, and where a player cannot play Singapore Mahjong online with much more than one suit in hand.

As the only person who receives payment is the one who plays Mahjong, it is also more tactical than the Japanese style of play, which is basically a race to be the first player to go out.

The fundamentals of Mahjong

Singapore Mahjong online calls for four players, 144 tiles, and two dice rolls. It’s vital to remember, though, that each country has its own unique version of the game. Making matching sets and pairs is the object of Singapore Mahjong online, just like it is in poker.

A pair is two of the same tiles (commonly referred to as “eyes”), and a set is 3 or 4 similar tiles or 3 straight tiles (also known as “melds”). Mahjong players must find four sets and one pair in order to win. You can yell “Mahjong!” when you are certain that your hand is going to win.

Step by Step on how to play

  • Shuffle the tiles with the illustration facing down.
  • The player who rolls the biggest die is the dealer, and such a player on their right gets to go first.
  • Each player selects 36 tiles, which they arrange into two different sets of 18, creating the appearance of a wall.
  • After that, the “walls” are pushed forward to make room in the center of the table for broken tiles.
  • The game continues with each player taking a turn to draw a total of thirteen tiles from the pool or receive them from the dealer.
  • To start the game, the first player chooses a new tile from the pool. They can choose to keep or discard the new tile, keeping their total number at 13. The process is repeated as the players circle one another. You have the option of choosing a brand-new tile or a player’s dropped tile.
  • Any player, regardless of turn, may pick up a tile that has been discarded by another player in order to create a Pong or Kong meld. The player on your left must discard the tile in order to form a Chow meld. Below you’ll find a detailed explanation of melds. You are required to inform the other players and display the rejected tiles if you utilize them to create a meld.
  • When a player’s set of tiles contains four melds (or suits) and a pair, that player wins. A total of fourteen tiles are needed for this.

Tips and Strategies for Mahjong Online Games

Always have a well-defined plan

Consider carefully which tiles you start picking up and which tiles you leave behind. Always have a precise plan of action in mind, or at the very least have a solid concept of where you want your hand to go.

Keep in mind that your adversaries are keeping an eye on you and observing what you do. When you pick it up or don’t pick up a tile, they are calculating the hand you hold.

Modular Mahjong Game Techniques

Be ready to adjust your strategy and tactics if the game takes a different turn. Be adaptable; alter your plan of action as needed. Keep your possessions and actions a mystery to the other players.

Avoid grabbing the first discard

Getting the first throwaway can disclose too much of your existing possessions. You will reveal your strategy to a regular viewer of what you’re doing. Taking the initial discard reveals a lot to your adversaries.

First off, it can show how inexperienced you are. Furthermore, it can prematurely betray the hand you are playing. Your competition will start to learn about your plan if you share too much.

Concentrate on lengthy rows and tall piles

Matching tiles is only possible if no other blocks are on top of them and at least one amongst their opposite edges is free. Thus, the most challenging parts of a Singapore Mahjong Online Solitaire arrangement are stacks and rows.


Much like Solitaire’s famous playing cards, this game’s lovely tiles have a home in puzzle games as well. You will learn the fundamentals of both Chinese and Classic Singapore Mahjong online competitions in this brief book.

You will discover the most effective strategies through playing the game, regardless of how much research you undertake. Recall that failure brings insight. It doesn’t really matter who wins or loses in the end.

Therefore, be sure to enjoy yourself while you experiment with your newfound Singapore Mahjong online methods.

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