4D Lotto | Play Best Online 4D Lotto Singapore 2022

Play Best Online 4D Lotto Singapore 2022

4D Lotto is a 4-digit lotto. It stands for the 4-digit lottery and is widely known among online gamblers in Singapore. You can choose to bet lotto 4D from so many websites but not all are worth trying.

4d lotto singapore and malaysia

Our reviews on Online Casino Singapore help you find the best online lottery websites with the best bonus and large payouts. As a result, you can choose your lucky number and have a higher chance win a jackpot prize and real money. Play the best online 4D Lotto in Singapore 2022 now to make real money!

How Should I Play Online 4D Lotto in Singapore?

You can bet Singapore lotto 4D with so many online gambling websites and apps. Apart from buying a lottery ticket, there are so many ways you can bet 4D Lotto online. If you are looking to win lottery from any SG providers, here are 5 types of 4D lottery you should consider!

Toto Lottery

Toto Lottery or Toto 4D is held by Singapore Pools Lottery and is also available online on a lot of trustworthy gambling websites. It is very popular among Singaporeans as you have a higher chance to win the jackpot prize compare to others. Plus, the payouts are huge! So every Singaporean will always go for Toto Lottery first when it comes to betting.

4D Dragon Lotto

4D Dragon Lotto is also known as Grand Dragon Lotto (GD Lotto). It is pretty straightforward. You can just pick 4 digits of your lucky numbers and place the bet. There are plenty of ways you can bet the 4D Dragon Lotto such as 4D big, 4D small, 4D single A, 3D ABC, and 3D A. You can simply check the lotto 4D live result after you bet and can easily win your dream prize if the numbers match!

4D Lucky Number

Another chance of winning the lottery is to play by 4D lucky number. See what numbers you like or link with money and bet away!

4d lotto

How To Play 4D Lotto Online?

To play 4D Lotto Online with chance, you will need to know 3 main important things about it, namely game rules, bet types, and betting tips.

Game Rules

4D Lotto’s game rules online are quite simple. This is how players bet on lotto websites.

  • Players choose any number from 0000 to 9999. 
  • There are 23 winning numbers drawn each time. 
  • If the number the players chose matches one set of the winning numbers, a prize is won. 

Bet Types 

For bet types, players can go with these 6.

  • Big Bet – You place a Big bet to win one of the five prize categories. If your 4D number matches any category, you win the prize.
  • Small Bet – Only the numbers that match the top 3 prize categories win a Small bet.
  • Ordinary Entry – You will win a price if your chosen 4D Lotto number matches the same order with the winning number.
  • 4D Roll – You play by selecting 3 digits by yourself and 1 will be a rolling digit which can be 0 to 9.
  • System Entry, iBet – You get to choose 4 digits and place bets on possible combinations. You will have to pay $1 for one set of 4D number combinations for System Entry. And for iBet, you will have to pay a minimum of $1 in total for all 4D number combinations. However, the prize will be also proportionately divided by the number of combinations.
  • Quick Pick – You can bet 4D Lotto with Quick Pick even when you do not have any numbers in mind. The system will generate those 4 numbers for you instead.

Betting Tips

To win SG lottery online, you will need to be equipped with the right betting tips for 4D Lotto which you can find below. AND You will know how to win 4D easily.

Your Lucky Number is Your Birthdate

The number that you can always go for is your birthdate. If you do not know what number to bet for 4D or Toto lottery, you should go with this.

Go with Even or Odd Numbers

Bet with a combination of even and odd numbers. This prediction is easy when you start learning how to play 4D Lotto. 

Do Not Limit Yourself with Patterns

Increase the chance of winning by betting with different patterns of 4D lotto numbers. Do not stick to just one pattern.

Bet Based on Numerology

Players who believe in fortunate numbers always go for the number that symbolizes money.

Predict from History

Singapore lottery results, especially in 4D Lotto, can sometimes help you with winning numbers. If you want to win a jackpot or big prize, all you have to do is study the past 4D Lotto results.

4d lotto singapore

4 Digit Lotto Prizes

4 Digit lotto prizes can be varied by each online casino provider. But normally the prizes will be paid out by prize categories as follows:

  • First 
  • Second
  • Third
  • Starter
  • Consolation

Payouts for each prize category are also based on your bet types – Big Bet, Small Bet, Ordinary Entry, etc. The money can be from two-digit to four-digit prizes, normally around $30 – $3,000.

However, for betting strategies to win a 4D Lotto prize, you will need to follow these steps.

  • Have a budget for your 4D Lotto betting. Once the budget finishes, you need to stop playing or picking numbers.
  • Bet a few sets of 4D lottery to get more chances to win. But make sure you have everything under control. So you will not lose more money.
  • Research, research, and research! Study all the reviews, payouts, and the past 4D Lotto results to help you get closer to winning numbers.

Predicting 4D Lotto Result

Online lottery Singapore is extreme entertainment and fun when you know how to win and get real money from it. However, predicting 4D Lotto results can be challenging. 

You can search for the most frequent numbers and analyze the statistics. You can also check out Singapore Pools lottery 4D result today to predict the next draws.

However, you can even just go with your lucky number or let the system pick for you. Experienced players use these techniques to forecast winning numbers as well.


What is online 4D Lotto?

It is a 4-digit lottery you can bet online anytime you have an internet connection.

Can I play 4D Lotto online?

Yes, you can.  You can play 4D Lotto online via websites and mobile apps anywhere, anytime. Most 4D Lotto providers are also operating on iOS and Android, so it is very convenient.

Is 4D Lotto a game of skill or luck?

A 4D Lotto game can be a combination of skills and luck. That means to become an online lottery winner, you need to learn from your experience and luck to get the right numbers. That is why some players bet their luck when they feel fortunate.

What is the best online 4D Lotto casino in Singapore?

S1BET is one of the most trusted online casinos among Singaporeans. You can start betting your 4D Lotto with this website. It is safe, transparent, and best for customer service.

Is it possible that live 4D Lotto online casinos are rigged?

Live 4D Lotto online casinos can be rigged and can be not. Results from the most trusted websites are generated by their systems, which are random and quite transparent. On the other hand, live 4D Lotto results on unreliable casino websites tend to be fixed. That is why it is important to check reviews and updates regularly with us at Online Casino Singapore before you play.

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